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About Caramel School of Photography


As a photographer, I have made a lot of mistakes which I have learned from. Over the last few years, I have taught in workshops and also mentored photographers. However, I’ve realized that most of these events don’t give me the time to teach all that I learned over the years. Also, everyone is different and therefore have different learning needs so most people can’t learn photography in 2 or 3days. This is why we have started the Caramel School of photography, where aspiring photographers are allowed enough time to develop, thereby creating the foundation for a healthy creative environment. As a professional photographer, I have selected some of the finest photographers that will be teaching with me. See you at Caramel School of photography. Remember “THERE IS NO KNOWLEDGE THAT IS NOT POWER”.


What You’ll Learn

  • Introduction to photography

  • Understand your camera

  • Photography Lighting

  • Portrait photography

  • Wedding photography

  • Business of photography


  • Free CSP photography for beginners: A Complete Guide.

  • Free editing software

  • Weekly assignment

  • CSP WhatsApp group


Course Duration

  • 2 months (3hrs twice a week)


  • N200,000 (One hundred thousand Naira)


(Contact me for payment details)


To file a CSP application, please email us at 

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